Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rebekah Redeemed now available!

Rebekah Redeemed is getting rave reviews on authors den and Purchase from those sites or click on the title of this entry and it takes you straight to the publishers site at Publishing.


Rebekah Redeemed is the story of a girl born to one of the young shepherds who witnessed the angels and the Christ child’s coming. Rebekah is taken to her uncle’s house in Bethany after her father’s death. Treated as a servant, she is traded from relative to relative; the young girl suffers through hard labor, neglect, and abuse. She meets Martha and Mary drawing water at the well each morning. The sisters offer her compassion. After a Roman soldier assaults her at her uncle’s home, she runs away in the night and hides in the barn behind Lazarus’ home. Is there no kinsman redeemer who can save her from this brutal life? She meets the Nazarene and hears his teachings. But can she forgive and forget? Will he change her, or will she remain a captive of her past?

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