Monday, August 10, 2009

Hannah - Mara's house servant

After Benjamin and Mara decide to keep six year old Rebekah as a servant, they turn her over to the old woman Hannah. Hannah has cooked, cleaned, and done everything around the home by herself. She is bent and wrinkled from her tasks and the hot Judean sun.

The old woman sees the fear and uncertainty in Rebekah's small face. She seems rigid and uncaring at first, but soon becomes Rebekah's protector. She is the only one who seems to care anything about the child. Hannah tries to keep the little girl away from harm, but cannot protect her from Mara's unpredictable temper tantrums.

Hannah provides one person in Rebekah's life that she feels she can trust, but one morning something happens that will change the little girl's path.

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