Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jacob - Benjamin's Older Brother

Jacob is Rebakah's other uncle. He lives in Jerusalem in a large home with servants. His wife and son live an easy life with all the luxuries that could be provided them. Jacob, as the oldest son, inherited his father's trading business and built it up to become very wealthy. He gave his brother, Benjamin, a small piece of the business and put him in charge of a small shop in Bethany.

The brother's wives don't get along and Mara is jealous of the position and wealth that her sister-in-law enjoys only a few miles away from her small home with Benjamin.

Jacob spends much of the year on caravans to Damascus, Caesaria and to Egypt. He doesn't even realize he has a niece. When visiting Benjamen's home, he ignores the servants and never recognizes his sister's child, Rebekah.

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Joylene Butler said...

The book sounds absolutely terrific. I think you have a winner, Dianne. Looking forward to reading it.